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"We got highly qualified PR services, thus improving the awareness of our company. We collaborated for 2 years and plan to continue working together in the future."- Global entity
"euronique+communications brought the media attention we hoped to get for our conference but didn't think was possible." -Government agency
"Put an outside face to my company, and greatly developed its visibility beyond our previous market."- Business owner
"Focused strategy. Persuasive communications." - International VC

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our team

euronique+communications believes in the power of pooling resources to get the best of the best on the same team. Our insightful and results-driven communications go beyond the normal tool sets by utilizing seasoned consultants with first-hand knowledge of specific industries, regions and business environments. 

Elisabeth Maragoula, MA, Founder + Director

Elisabeth has 15+ years of experience in the global corporate, media and publishing industries. Prior to relaunching euronique+communications full-time from Northern California, she co-founded and ran the Building Powerful Influence project in Southeast Europe, and worked as Chief Liaison to client, TGI Group International and Project Director for their project, Corporate Superbrands Ltd. in Belgrade, Serbia. Her previous positions include editor at Liberis Publications (Conde Nast Greece), and EU/Balkans editor and columnist at New Europe newspaper in Athens, Greece. She has worked for Associated Press Television News (APTN), the Los Angeles Times and Dow Jones Newswires in Rome, Italy, and for Giorgio Armani Corporation and Aeffe USA in New York City.  Elisabeth holds an MA in International Relations & Diplomacy from Schiller International University Paris and a BA in Economics from UCLA from her home state of California.

Lynn Hall, Chief Consultant
Lynn has decades of experience in government regulatory policy work in the State of California. She has worked for the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), the California State Department of Consumer Affairs, health care associations and as a private consultant. Lynn has been recognized for her statewide and federal consumer protection initiatives. Lynn holds a BA in English from California Lutheran University.

Annette Pitera, Consultant

Annette has vast experience in global business and diplomatic relations in Europe and the US. Born of Greek decent in Tanzania, East Africa, since 1970, Annette has lived in Greece, South Africa, France, Switzerland, the US, Italy, and traveled periodically to the UK, Germany, Serbia, Turkey and Egypt. Annette has worked for the Athens New York Times bureau, the US Embassy and an international academic and research center in Athens, Greece; the Diplomatic Mission of the European Community in Washington D.C.; the Maryland Academy of Science/Science Museum and the Annie E. Casey Foundation in Baltimore; and the Minnesota Institute of Public Health in St. Paul. In 2002, Annette established UK-accredited Cross Cultural Cosmos in Greece and provided the wider Balkan region with trainings on international business practices, communication and behavior. In 2010, Annette co-founded the Building Powerful Influence project to build business communication across borders through global events. In 2012, Annette relocated to the US continuing her work in Minnesota, New Mexico and California. Annette holds a Business Management degree from Switzerland. 

Our Story
euronique+communications was founded in February 2011 by Elisabeth Maragoula on the principle of expanding business cooperation across borders. Working as a liaison between Europe and the United States, she found that correspondence at the global level often lacks clear messaging that resonates well in the recipient country. Given her passion for business and deep communications expertise, she put the concept of building strategic relationships into motion.

The company was first introduced in Southeast Europe through the production of the Building Powerful Influence Project, and maintained a focus on client business conferences and projects in the region for the first two years. In 2013, euronique+communications was relaunched in Northern California, and has since carved out a niche of expanding clients' reach to new markets from California and assisting clients to enter the California market.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create new relationships for clients through the use of knowledge, influence and networking - key parts of strategic communications. Increasing profits in today's multicultural business environment requires a combination of all three for effective communications to take hold.

euronique+communications attains this combination by way of its unique formula integrating human relations, cultural awareness and business acumen into clients' communications strategies. We are dedicated to filling the gap in cross-cultural business relations and creating leverage for new opportunities.

We produce the strategic communications plans that increase influence and create solid connections.

Our area of interest is emerging and developing economies, and our regional focus is Southeast Europe and California. In an aim to promote growth within the region, we remain involved in up-coming cross-border projects in the area, and are always interested in your feedback, interest and proposals for new projects.