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We started euronique+communications to build business relationships across borders to facilitate cross-border transactions.

Our services focus on bringing foreign-based companies to market in the US, opening export channels for them and promoting their innovation, brand or product throughout California.

  • Drawing up an aggressive action plan based on your timeline and goal structure. 
  • Producing associated events. See Event PR + Production.
  • Arranging media and company tours
  • Building local and global distribution/export networks
  • Scheduling one-to-one business matchmaking meetings
  • Overseeing the home-based company vision is applied in the local market
  • Overseeing strategic communications services.
  • Creating sustainable promotion loops

Whether a conference series or product launch, we clearly define your roadmap to take your project to the next level - front and center with your stakeholders.

We spend the time with you in developing the goals, the content and the plan to make a unique project that builds your brand and creates a solid network.

  • Creating a content-driven project with measurable goals, aggressive deadlines and clear outcomes 
  • Identifying your placement in the market, and drawing an actionable roadmap to meet your goals
  • Hiring and overseeing consultants and third-party contractors
  • Drafting and designing all content and marketing
  • Generating awareness of your brand with media and stakeholders.
  • Building your network with potential clients, partners and investors
  • Acting as the point person for your project

 Media Coverage includes:

 ABC News                                 Forbes.com                               sV Business Journal

 Associated Press                  Forbes Magazine                         New York Times

 Boston Herald                       San Francisco Chronicle        The Telegraph

 EE Times                                     SF Gate                                       Thomson ReuterS

We work on global events sponsored by foreign-based organizations to promote their nation's innovation, industry and market.

Our services focus on establishing your brand in the US market from the concept phase to the promotion and production phase. 

  • Increasing awareness among your target audience and media in the US.
  • Getting your story published in key print, online, radio and TV media outlets
  • Leveraging your event to create working relationships with stakeholders - from investors and high-level speakers to opinion leaders and journalists
  • Securing financial sponsorships and strategic partnerships
  • Creating and overseeing the agenda - including concept, content, speakers.
  • Sculpting your online presence and increasing your online engagement
  • Acting as the point person for your event
  • Creating the marketing and distribution channels to secure the right recognition, collaborators and audience
  • Working with local production companies* to oversee logistics, AV, F&B, among others(*E+C partners with seasoned consultants, including videographers, photographers, event planners)

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